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Trenchless Water Line Replacement Services

All American Plumbers has the ability to replace broken underground water lines via either trenchless technologies and conventional excavation.

By taking advantage of the trenchless water line replacement option, you save yourself a great amount of money and stress when it comes to rehabilitating your property after a conventional excavation completion.

The following options are available as a method for replacing your water line:

Specialized Water Line Pulling:
A means of replacing the existing water line by pulling out the OLD as you pull in a NEW. It just don’t get no greener than that!

The process is done by digging two small access pits, sleeving a 1/2” cable through the existing water line from one end to the other. Connect the one end of the cable to a soil displacement puller head. Fill the water line with a patented welding chemical, which fuses the Water Line to the pulling cable. Then attach the new Water Line to the back of the soil displacement puller head. On the other end, the cable is connected to a Highly Specialized Water Line Puller. Once all the items are in place and all preparations are complete, a seamless, safe, effective and extremely efficient water line pull is started. Before you know it, a new water line is in the ground.

Unlike other trenchless technologies which run new water lines by creating a brand new route in untested & unknown soil conditions which can contain any number of unpredictable hazards, The All American specialized water line pulling system’s unique approach to replacing a water line takes advantage of an already established route for the new water line. The same is installed in the very same location the old one once stood which means there is minimal to zero chance that any other close or conflicting utilities would be damaged or destroyed by the water line replacement process. That includes underground irrigation, power, communications, gas & sewer.

I’m sure you can agree, it doesn't get better than that!

Directional Bore:
A means of replacing your water line by creating a new path from the Curb Side Water Meter up to the assigned access in to the house or building by using a directional drill that can maneuver its way under existing underground utilities, sidewalks and driveways so to reach its intended destination. Very minimal excavation is required to prep and perform this type of project.

A means of installing a new water line by creating a new path with a pneumatic missile. This procedure requires two small excavation sites. One by the Curb Side Water Meter and the other by the intended access to the building. Carefully aiming the missile so it comes out at its intended destination. Sending in the missile from one excavation site to the other. Once the missile makes its destination, connect the new water line to the missile and pull it back to the original excavation.

Conventional Excavation: A means of replacing the water line by digging it up in its entirety, removing the old defective line and installing a new one in its place.

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