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For years, Sewer Video Inspection Services have not been available and sewers have been serviced, repaired and even replaced without ever getting a visual confirmation of a problem.

With that said, the diagnostics process of those days depended heavily in the calculating skills, honesty and quite frankly, luck of the technician diagnosing the sewer problems.

Unfortunately, none of those variables worked in favor of the customer and an eerie feeling of “Maybe” would be lingering in the air.

When your potential investment is based on the recommendations of a Drain Specialist that has not the proper equipment to diagnose a problem and the estimate runs up in the thousands of dollars, the word “Maybe” is the last thing you want lingering in your mind.

With that said, All American Plumbers has focused strongly on making the Sewer Video Inspection Services readily available for every drain cleaning and diagnostics service request. All American Plumbers is one of a select few Drain Specialist Companies that has 1 to 3 cameras on every single service truck and trenchless service trailer, ensuring that whatever information our friendly Drain Specialist provides, is backed by visual facts and accuracy.

Sewer Camera Inspection service is highly recommended for the following scenarios:

- At the time of completion of every drain cleaning service request.
- In search of plumbing defects that may be located above and below ground.
- New home buyers getting ready to close on a home purchase.
- Second opinions on potentially costly sewer repair/replacement services.
- Locating and recording needs.

The above reasons are just to name a few. To make things simple, the benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection Services are second to none.

With that said, do the smart thing, protect yourself by getting your eyes on the prize and find out firsthand what you are about to jump in to.

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