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Are you experiencing troubles such as leaking pipes, burst pipes, or waste backup? These are signs of a bigger problem under the earth. Seek a solution with our trusty company, All American Plumbers. We offer trenchless solutions to fix your pipes. One great service that might work best for you is sewer relining.

What are trenchless repairs, and what is sewer relining? Trenchless sewer repairs are the new way to do plumbing differently. Trenchless repairs are also called “no dig,” which may be easier to understand. “No dig” sewer repairs don’t require the use of backhoes or other heavy construction-type machinery. They don’t require the use of city permits for those machines. They don’t require a gaping hole in your yard. Honestly, they’re easier, faster, and cheaper. Using these repair methods can save you upwards of $10,000 on a simple sewer repair.

Sewer relining is the use of a resin to coat the inside of damaged pipes to repair and replace injured sections. The resin takes about two hours to fully cure and coats the inside of your entire pipe. The main point is to reinforce weak or lacking areas. This process can cut your pipe size by about a quarter of an inch, but this doesn’t interfere with your pipes carrying waste out of your home. In fact, it can improve the quality of flow by creating a slick, no-tension surface.

We can work from a few key points: toilet flanges, inside/outside clean outs, basement vent stacks, and roof vents. All of these points are established prior to our arrival, which preserves your yard. As a customer-service based company, our team at All American Plumbers is intent on saving those precious petunias you spent all summer planting and tending.

So why hesitate? When trenchless is so easy, cheap, and quick, why resist? When you’re having such a hard time flushing, washing dishes, or doing laundry, why would you deny such an easy option? Call us here at All American Plumbers for your trenchless sewer relining today.

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