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At All American Plumbers, we value giving the best services and we know that is only possible with the newest technologies. Our services are designed to give you optimal results with the most affordable options and in the most convenient way.

Our professionals have adapted various ways of cleaning drains and sewage systems which will extend the life of your system with routine maintenance visits. One of our cleaning services is high-pressurized water cleaning, referred to as hydro-jetting. This option gives proven results and will get even the toughest grime and buildup washed out of your pipes.

High-Pressure Water

It probably sounds a bit redundant to clean with water when water runs through the pipes all day, every day. But this form of cleaning has no comparison to what typically flows through the pipes. Sewage of course if toxic and dangerous and should only be dealt with by our professionals.

When that foul water runs through the pipes, it leaves behind a lot of mess that can cause a lot of damage. The build up can do two things - cause blockages and cause permanent damage to the pipes over time. But hydro-jetting eliminates both of those issues.

So what is the high pressurized cleaning all about? The process is done with a normal drain hose that has a specialized nozzle on the end. The nozzle has various holes that blast out water in all directions, hitting every point of the interior. The water comes out at 4000 psi.

The strength of this blast is enough to cut out grime and buildup as well as things such as branches that have made their way into your pipes, which could lead to bigger problems if not removed. Everything is washed away and down the drain, leaving pipes fully functioning again with optimal water flow and no restrictions.

Long-Term Savings

Often times, our plumbers are called to homes for fixes or repairs that could have been prevented and are now unfortunately at a more severe level. On of these issues includes clogs and backups. Typically, these occur when something gets stuck in the drainage system and the pipes.

Usually, there are signs that are not severe but noticeable, and people tend to blow them off until it becomes an issues. With hydro-jetting, this option eliminates that hassle. Buildup causes the pipes to essentially lose space and makes the inner pipes smaller. This restricts water from flowing freely and makes it more likely for items such as food, paper products, etc. to get stuck more easily, causing a blockage. Hydro-jetting removes all build up, which allows for better water flow and less likely blockages.

Removing buildup also extends the life of the pipes by keeping them at their best condition and removing harmful toxins before they lead to things such as corrosion, leaks and breaks. This affordable option of cleaning therefore not only saves you money now, but also in the future in more ways than one.

We are ready to clean your system with hydro-jetting. Give us a call today to get your pipes cleaned and your system restored to new.

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