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One of the biggest issues we see as plumbers would have to be clogged pipes and drains. Whether it is due to misuse of the system by the homeowner, or a problem with dirt, debris, or rodents outdoors, pipe clogs and obstructions happen every day.At All American Plumbers, we know how frustrating it can be when your plumber or sewer system isn’t working correctly. That’s why we offer fast and efficient solutions to clogged pipes and drains, such as our effective hydro-jetting cleaning service.

What Causes a Clogged Sewer System?

Sewer systems can become clogged because of outdoor obstructions such as tree roots, or just from everyday use. When sewage runs through the pipes, it can leave behind buildup that will result in one of two things. It will either cause blockages or permanent damage to your pipes over time, or both. However, hydro-jetting takes care of both of those problems.

About Hydro-jetting Pipe Cleaning Services

Our professionals here at Plumbers All have adapted to using modern techniques to clean out your plumbing and sewer system. This will help to extend the lifespan of your system. One of our pipe cleaning services is hydro-jetting. For this process, we use high-pressurized water that can break through the toughest grease buildup, grime, and obstructions to completely wash them out of your pipes.

If you’re wondering how you can clean water pipes by simply using water, keep in mind that the high-pressure water we use is much more powerful than the water that usually flows through your pipe system. With hydro-jetting, the process involves a drain hose that has a special nozzle at one end. The nozzle has various holes that blast water in all directions. This allows the pressurized water to hit all interior areas of the pipes, as it shoots out at 4000 psi.

The powerful strength of the blast is strong enough to cut away grime and years of buildup. It can also clear away branches, dirt, debris, leaves, and rodent nests. These obstructions could lead to more serious and expensive problems if you wait too long to repair them.

As everything washes away, your pipes will be fully functioning once again. You will have optimal water flow that should be better than it has been for years, and no restrictions causing backups or slow drains.

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If you notice that your sewer system isn’t working as it should be sure to get in contact with your local experts in pipe cleaning and repair. All American Plumbers have served the residents of Great Falls and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. And we specialize in all areas of pipe installation, maintenance, and repair.

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