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Hydro jetting is a method used to unclog sewer and drain lines. Just as the name suggests, a volume of water is ‘jetted’ into the pipe that has a clog in it. For hydro jetting, Arlington and area residents turn to us, All American Plumbers for this kind of specialty plumbing work. But what is hydro jetting and how will you know if you need this service? Well, that’s simple. As noted above, hydro jetting is used to clear a clogged or plugged pipe. Here are symptoms to watch for that can point to a clog:


If you can pick up the scent of sewer gasses or something that smells rotten from any of the drains in your home, you could have a clog.

Slow Draining

If your shower, sinks or tub take a long time to drain, it could point to the possibility of something being stuck somewhere along the pipe line.

Water Pooling

One more sign of a possible clog in your sewer or drain pipes comes from water pooling. You may find a ‘pool’ in your backyard along the section where sewer lines are buried. The ground will also be spongy and may smell like sewer gases.

Have These Symptoms?

When you notice any of these symptoms, call us at All American Plumbers right away. We will send out a professional plumbing crew to inspect your pipes to determine what exactly is happening. The inspection takes place without the need to excavate your yard to reach the pipe.

Pipe Inspection

The pipe inspection involves one or two small holes so that we can access the pipe connections. Once we can do that, we insert a tiny camera. The camera feeds us video so that we can see what is going on inside the pipe in question. This is the best way to examine an underground pipe.

High Pressure Water

When we diagnose the problem and decide to use hydro jetting, chances are it is a pretty solid clog. Hydro jetting is when we send water through the line at a very high pressure. In fact, it is about 4,000 PSI and that is powerful enough to blast out even the toughest clogs.

Other Repair Options

On the offhand chance that there is no clog in your pipes but the camera inspection reveals another problem, we can still handle the repair. We use trenchless technology to repair everything from clogs, cracks, breaks and cave ins of old and outdated sewer pipe systems.

Hydro Jetting Beats Other Methods

You could opt to try to snake the clog out of your drain yourself. Or you could spend time and money on drain cleaning products that will probably just end up contributing to the problem. Or you could just get it taken care of quickly and easily with our hydro jetting service.

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