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At 4000 psi, hydro-jetting has the power to burst open the toughest blockages and at the same time scours the full diameter of the pipe, flushing debris and leaving lines clear. This sounds like a very intense way to keep your pipes clean but the good news is that when it comes to keeping your pipes clean there are several options to choose from. Plumbers often use one of two solutions for clogs and pipe cleaning: plumbing snakes or hydro jetting. Hydro jetting offers an innovative solution for most pipe problems.

Clean Pipes are Good Pipes

So what would be the best situation? We don’t want to automatically think of the worst case scenario and stress ourselves out. While it is always good to be prepared let’s stay positive.

The best option for your sewer system really depends on the problem. When a plunger just doesn’t cut it, you need something with a little more force to clear out a clog. This is when hydro jetting comes into play. Each technique is useful for different types of clogs, so you want to make sure you have a qualified plumber handling your drain clog!

How do you know when your plunger isn’t the way to go and hydro jetting is the best solution?

Hydro Jetting

Tough clogs and buildup don’t stand a chance against the high-pressure hose used in hydro-jetting. You might think you and the plunger have the strength to handle those pesky clogs but sometimes it’s just best to let the professionals get the job done. What will happen is a hose with a special nozzle will send a powerful force of pressurized water through your pipes, clearing out your clogged drain and any other debris in its way. A plumber will usually create a cleanout, or opening, to allow the clog and build up to be cleared out from the pipe.

Benefits of hydro jetting

Eliminates clogs with little effort -
With a high-pressure water shooting through your pipes, those clogs stand zero chance.

Removes hazardous blocks -
The power of the pressurized water can even clear out tree roots and other serious blocks when necessary. To avoid a huge costly repair in the future it is smart to get your drains cleaned with hydro jetting technology.

Versatile solutions for all types of pipes -
No matter the type of pipes you have, hydro jetting can get the job done and get it done effectively. After this method is put in place you don’t have to worry about clogs or damage for a long time.

Clears out pipe walls -
Hydro jetting gets to the root of the problem: grease and pipe wall buildup. It can eliminate minerals, grease and much more.

While hydro jetting is new and innovative and extremely effective, it packs a powerful punch. It is best to get the experts involved. You’re in luck, All American Plumbers offers this awesome solution to your plumbing problems. We have 30 years of experience and consider ourselves a highly specialized company. Failure is not an option with us. If we can’t clear the sewer, it’s because it’s broken and we can fix it.

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