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Homeowner Alert! Homeowner Alert! When people buy a house, sometimes they don’t sit down to think about all that truly goes into it. What all is yours? What all are you responsible for? It’s definitely a lot to handle and sometimes we have to learn the hard way as to what belongs to who and who takes care of what aspects of our home and property.

Question, did you know that you are supposed to be a contributor to the ongoing maintenance of the city’s sewer systems? Well, surprise, you are!

The Need For Drain Cleaning

In fact, right on the Alexandria maintenance division’s sewer maintenance page, there is a section dedicated to reminding homeowners of your responsibilities that help contribute to the well-being of the entire city’s sewer system.

Under their “property owner responsibilities” section, it clearly states that the maintenance and repair of laterals” are the “responsibility of the property owner from the infrastructure to the actual sewer main.” They are straightforward and extremely clear about your responsibilities, but are you fulfilling your duties not only to the city, but to yourself and the longevity of your sewer system?

Our Drain Cleaning Service

If the answer is no, you can take a small step that will make huge progress in the transition to taking better care of your drainage system. This step is getting your drains cleaned and thankfully, our staff at All American Plumbers is able to bring this service to the residents of the Alexandria area in various forms to meet your needs.

The first step that our technicians would do in this process is a sewer video inspection. How can someone go about cleaning, replacing or repairing something that they haven’t even seen?

That is our thought process here at All American Plumbers. We want to be sure to diagnose any problems, if there are any present, and suggest the proper technique in fixing it. Even if there isn’t a problem, we are able to view the condition of the pipes and stop a problem before it even arises by thoroughly cleaning the pipes with the proper strategies. Finally, we are able to use the camera technologies to view the pipes after the cleaning to ensure full results.

As for the cleaning itself, we present the standard drain snaking method, which is great for simple clogs and blockages. But we are also equipped with a powerful, more thorough way of cleaning which is our hydro jetting cleaning service. At 4000 psi, high-pressurized water pushes through your drainage system. This clears out dirt, build up, tree roots, blockages and anything else that is foreign to the pipes. Nothing can stand in the way of this method of power washing.

Get Your Drain Pipes Cleaned Today

You don’t need to wait for an issue to arise to call us. Drain cleaning services are not just something to do in emergencies. Cleaning your system is part of your duty as a resident and a homeowner, to contribute to the well-being and fluency of the entire city’s sewer system. Call us at All American Plumbers to help fulfill your homeowner responsibilities.

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