We got called in to a residence in Fairfax to help diagnose the reason why this household has had more than 3 main sanitary sewer line back-ups or clogs in the past month. The previous plumber happily snaked the sewer every time, but could not diagnose the reason why the problem kept on reoccurring.

After a detailed and informative meeting with the customer, we went ahead and camera inspected the main sanitary sewer line. This inspection revealed a break in the main sanitary sewer line. The break was located under the new hardwood floor in the living room.

The customer was happy that the problem was discovered, however, she was not happy at all at the location. She had just spent some major money on new hardwood floors and was not looking forward to having to do it all over again.  We quoted a fair market value price to perform a revolutionary procedure for replacing sanitary sewer lines with minimal excavation. Trench-Less Pipe Bursting.

Once the job was complete, camera inspected the sewer line one last time for quality control. No other defects were found and the customer was very happy.

For more information on the Pipe Bursting Procedures, please Call Ricky Salinas, Co-Owner at 703-895-9990.